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In-floor CLEANING Systems

Installed properly these really do make having a pool a pleasure. While you do have to empty a leaf cartridge, you won’t have to vacuum the leaves in your pool or deal with a cleaner.

We believe these are an essential choice for some communal pools (as in an apartment building). You don’t have to worry about someone putting the cleaner in and out of the pool, which can be challenging during periods of heavy use. While they do require a much bigger filter, communal pools should have a big filter in any event.

Check out our preferred system. We recommend any of the three QuikClean systems.

Suction Pool Cleaners

These are cleaners which operate via suction through a skimmer box. There is a large range of this type of cleaner. Once popular they have been largely replaced by Robotic Cleaners.

Pressure Pool Cleaners

Generally, these cleaners operate with their own plumbing and pump. Once, very popular they also have mostly been replaced by Robotic Cleaners. The cost of cleaner plus the booster pump compared to the cost of the top of the range Robotic Cleaner usually result in the Robotic Cleaner being the better choice.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Again, there is quite a range of these cleaners, some excellent and some not so good, like all pool equipment.

They operate with their own power supply, so they do not interfere with the operation of your skimmer box/s. You usually only put them in once a week, say on a Thursday or Friday night and take them out the next morning. They work like a vacuum cleaner. They have a bag which needs to be emptied and hosed out.

They are certainly an excellent companion to an energy saving pump as you don’t need to consider running you pump at a high enough flow to get the cleaner to work.


Suction Pool Cleaners

AquaNaut® 250 & 450 Suction Cleaner

“Of all the suction cleaners we have experienced over the years we rate the Hayward AquaNaut® 250 & 450 suction pool cleaners as the pick of the bunch and they are the only suction cleaners that we now recommend. This cleaner was originally called “The Pool Cleaner” and it has had several improvements since then.”

  • Handles large debris without clogging
  • Perfect for use with variable-speed pool pumps
  • Expertly navigate any surface
  • Maintains constant suction
  • End to end cleaning: Multiple pre-programmed steering sequences ensure complete pool coverage
  • Optimal suction at almost any flow: Three easily interchangeable throats improve debris passage and suction performance, making it ideal for use variable-speed pool pumps
  • Easy maintenance


“This was probably the best Barracuda pool cleaner, before Zodiac purchased the company. Zodiac have continued with the product for those of you who wish to stick to a proven product that you know and love.”


  • For in-ground and above ground pools (used with large deflector wheel)
  • All surfaces including tiles.
  • Supplied with 12m hose, suitable for pools up to 10M x 5M (depending on location of skimmer box)


  • Cleans floors and partial walls.
  • Picks up most leaves and small debris. Ideal for sand and silt.
  • Not suitable for large debris like twigs, gum nuts, eucalyptus leaves.

Zodiac G2 features:

Proven reliable performance

  • The Zodiac G2, previously known as Baracuda G2, is a simple but reliable performer suitable for most pools. This cleaner continues to be one of our biggest sellers well over 10 years since it was first released. Its disc structure provides optimal adhesion whilst its pliable inserts scrub the pools surfaces. The free-swivelling inner cassette system increases random coverage of your swimming pool.

Low maintenance, DIY

  • The G2 like all Zodiac suction cleaners is very easy to set up and operate. The G2 features the original Baracuda diaphragm, the cleaners only moving part, and the only component likely to need regular maintenance. The diaphragm is housed in a quick ‘twist-and-release’ cassette for easy self-maintenance.

Super quite, neighbour-friendly operation

  • You don’t have to put up with the clack-clack-clack racket from traditional hammer style suction cleaners! The added benefit of the Duralife Diaphragm is that it also provides whisper quiet operation that won’t disturb your neighbours.

Wheel Deflector

  • Zodiac G2 comes with a wheel deflector making it suitable for above ground pools.

2-Year warranty



Pressure Pool Cleaners

“These were top of the range Polaris pressure cleaners before Zodiac purchased the company. While pressure cleaners have mostly been replaced by the Robotic cleaners, we can still get these if they are your preference. We still carry a good range of spare parts.”

Polaris 360

  • Automatic Back-up Valve operates every 3.5 mins to help free the cleaner if it gets cornered, creating a random superior cleaning pattern
  • Powered by 3 vacuum jets, providing more vacuum power than any other pressure-side non-booster pump pool cleaner
  • Also available with PosiTrax tyres, providing extra grip and manoeuvrability on tiled or fibreglass surfaces
  • Translucent housing provides superior UV and weather resistance
  • Extra large float intake makes it suitable for picking up large debris
  • Quick release connection for easy cleaning of filter bag, which catches 80% of debris before it reaches the filter

Polaris 280

  • Collects debris in its unique filter bag, reducing filter cleaning by up to 80%
  • Largest throat of any Polaris cleaner with an extra large vacuum bag for catching large debris
  • Translucent housing for superior UV and weather resistance
  • Patented 3-Wheel Design assists in turning and movement of the cleaner around corners and steps
  • Powered by 2 vacuum jets providing fast, efficient cleaning
  • Also available with TankTrax tyres to improve climbing and manoeuvrability on slippery surfaces and pools with sharp wall-floor junctions
  • Integrated booster pump that works with the main pool pump at 100% efficiency


Robotic Pool Cleaners

“From our observation the following range of Maytronics robotic cleaners have proven to be the leaders of the pack, especially in the domestic market. We have the training and the diagnostic equipment to repair these units.”


Dolphin X 40 Plus

  • Ideal for pools up to 12m in length
  • Pool floor, walls and waterline cleaning coverage
  • 2 hours cleaning cycle
  • 18m cable length
  • Multi-layer filter for fine and rough debris
  • Smartphone navigation control

Dolphin X 30

  • Ideal for pools up to 12m in length
  • Pool floor, walls and waterline cleaning coverage
  • 2 hours cleaning cycle
  • 18m cable length
  • Easy-clean net & choice of ultra-fine filter level filtration

Dolphin X-Series E10

  • Ideal for small pools up to 8m in length Including above-ground pools
  • Pool floor cleaning coverage
  • 1.5 hours cleaning cycle
  • 12m cable length
  • Easy-clean net canister filtration

Dolphin Liberty C

  • World First Cordless Robot
  • Gyroscope for most efficient scanning
  • Gyro scanning – the ultimate for commercial pool coverage
  • Power and performance of tried and trusted Dolphin Robot Brand
  • 2 year warranty, 1 year for Battery

Dolphin Wave 300XL

  • Cleans and scrubs
  • Floor and pool corners cleaned
  • Gyro scanning – the ultimate for commercial pool coverage
  • Drive in, Drive out for easier manual handling
  • Remote control to give you extra control
  • Suits pools up to 60 m
  • 2 Years warranty

Dolphin Pro Expert

  • Cleans and scrubs, including a waterline scrubbing feature
  • Floor, Wall and Cove areas cleaned
  • Gyro scanning – the ultimate for commercial pool coverage
  • Suits pools up to 50 m
  • 2 Years warranty

Dolphin Wave100

  • Total pool cleaning
  • Maximum hygiene
  • Advanced, high-capacity 3 levels filtration options
  • User-friendly
  • Gyroscopic navigation system inside

Dolphin Wave 75

  • Cleans and scrubs
  • Floor, Wall and Cove areas cleaned
  • Gyro scanning – the ultimate for commercial pool coverage
  • Suits pools up to 20 m
  • 2 Years warranty

Dolphin W20

  • Automated robotic pool cleaning for shallow pools 20cm deep
  • Dual Active Brushes deliver superior cleaning.
  • Advanced scanning system ensures optimal coverage of the entire pool floor
  • Dual propulsion engines provide maximum manoeuvrability
  • Remote control options
  • Suits pool up to 15m in length
  • 2 year warranty

Arrange an Onsite Demonstration

We can demonstrate the Hayward AquaNaut 250 or our current preferred Robotic Cleaner demo unit. Make sure you pool is dirty.

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