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Chemical Controllers

What Are Chemical Controllers?

Dual Chemical Controllers monitor and control the pH and chlorine levels in a pool by constantly reading those levels and instructing dosing systems to make adjust the pH and chlorine in order to correctly maintain those levels. Probes are used to detect the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) which is a measure of the strength of the ‘killing’ power of all the chemicals that are in the water. It is measured in millivolts. Some units can translate the information into FAC for operators who prefer to work with Free Available Chlorine than ORP. The pH is also measured in a similar fashion. The level of chlorine and the pH of the water are directly related which is why both liquid chlorine and acid are added via these units.. As an item of pool equipment they are far better at maintaining water balance when they are running correctly, than are other sanitary systems.

A Set Rate Dosing System is a unit that can be set to add predetermined quantities of a chemical.  The settings are determined by the user and limited by the unit of dosing measurement chosen. This method is best reserved for use by people who understand pool chemistry and are prepared to test the water on a regular basis. These units are a reasonably priced option for the addition of chlorine to an unused pool or a water feature.

pH Controllers maintain the pH level in a pool by the controlled addition of acid. A probe is used to detect the level in the pool as the water circulates. This is an essential item and the most ignored item of equipment for a pool with a chlorinator for at least half a dozen very good reasons.

Their Best Application

Pools where continuous chemical dosing is required and where chemical costs need to be contained (e.g. in a well patronised apartment block pool or a commercial pool) using Chemical Controllers is the best and most reliable way to manage the pool. Controlled chemical dosing is the best way to ensure that a sanitation system can respond to a sudden increase in demand. Water turnover rates need to be considered as the rates of chemical depletion and replenishment need to be taken into account.

Remote Monitoring and Control are available where it is essential that someone with knowledge can check the chemical levels in a pool without having to go to the pool. We would not service a school pool if we were not able to remotely monitor it and, frankly, there are some apartment building pools which are in great need of remote monitoring due to the high pool patronage. Many highly used pools do not have a specialised person operating the pool. That job is often assigned to someone who has many other areas of responsibility and distraction. Be warned, remote monitoring is only as good as the person doing the monitoring.

The system works by having a web connection installed. This system allows those that are using it, the ability to respond to developing problems, such as a power outage turning the pump off or chemicals running out. The various systems usually have an alert mechanisms inbuilt so that and email is sent out to the monitors if something goes wrong.

For the pools that we service and remotely monitor we check the reads before 5 am and at about 2 pm daily which allows us to detect any problems that may be developing and attend to them before the system goes into alarm. This gives us a great deal of peace of mind and enables us to provide a good service.

Why You Would Install A Chemical Controller

A Quality Chemical Controller is we believe the best method of maintaining the correct chlorine and pH levels in a swimming pool.

Liquid Chlorine Chemical Controllers will respond to a sudden increase in chlorine demand occurring when a group of people jump into a pool. The chlorine that is needed will be pumped in as required. Other systems do not do this as effectively. We have very successfully converted several apartment building spa pools from other sanitation system to controlled chemical dosing. These spas are getting very heavy usage and the new dosing systems are winning.

Other methods of chlorination will generally result in high chlorine levels which are of concern to some people. Salt Water Chlorinators for example will generally produce far more chlorine than is needed, however you have to keep in mind that a Salt Water Chlorinator produces chlorine at a set rate and cannot respond to a sudden increase in demand. Most domestic salt water pools do not have any form of pH control so that a higher than needed chlorine level will compensate to some extent for the negative effects of a high pH level which will usually result when using a salt water chlorinator.

What To Choose

All the Top of the Range Controllers are those that are fully monitored. This is an essential item of equipment for any pool that caters to the public even though it may not be defined as such in legislation (yet). For a pool catering to people outside the domestic situation (where you have personal motives for diligence) we need to be always concerned about sufficient and efficient pool water sanitation and the regular monitoring of that pool. How many cloudy pools have you seen?

For a large commercial situation, we recommend the Aquarius Technologies “Ultima” Controller.

These Aquarius units are on dozens of commercial pools including schools, resorts, large apartment buildings, council pools and even domestic pools. We have been working with the Aquarius units since 2013. They operate with Salt Water or Liquid Chlorine pools with the option of ORP or FAC. We have found them to be very reliable and accurate. This controller can be connected to a Building Management System.

For Back Yard Pools we like the new to the market  Hayward “Omnilogic”. This system includes chlorinator, chemical controller, remote monitoring, controls for your pool lights, garden lights, automatic valves, water features, heating and pumps. It also operates with liquid chlorine. It takes a lot of the work out of having a pool and. with its functionality, runs your pool with fingertip control. Let’s say you only heat your pool on rare occasions and have chosen a gas heater as your heater. You are at work and you find out that “tonight’s the night”, then you can turn your heater on with your phone so that the pool is ready when you get home.

The Omnilogic will operate with Building Management Systems and Amazon’s Alexa, which is due to arrive in Australia this year.

The Omnilogic system is now up to its 10th version and has been operating in the USA for four years after three years of development. Software upgrades, if needed, are easily done via a USB.

For the control of the pH in a pool we the SCL “PoolMateHP”. 

Our Recommended Range


Aquarius – Ultima Touch Screen Controllers

These technologically advanced water treatment controllers are packed full of unique features many of which have been introduced to the water treatment control industry.
Industry Specific Benefits
The 7” colour touch screen allows users to capture the main system details in a glance. The high end design enables access to measurements, setpoints, control modes and outputs status all on one screen. Informative cues on the screen are designed to help find and resolve issues quickly.
A Recent Controller Upgrade

“We at Adlers remotely monitored a school pool, for several years, using the older Aquarius unit on the left and can state that it performed as promised. The unit enabled us to confidently and efficiently manage that school’s pool. We have observed the operation of the newer unit in several pools for nearly two years and have found them to also be performing as promised.”

Hayward – OmniLogic®

Hayward® brings backyard automation to the forefront of technology with OmniLogic®. Enjoy the luxuries of full control from the industry’s most intuitive app and effortless upgrades to always keep your backyard on the cutting edge.
With OmniLogic, you can expect to:
  • Eliminate complexity. With the most intuitive, icon-based user interface on the market right on the base unit, set your controller to fit YOUR needs and preferences quickly and easily. Setting up familiar names for pool and spa features, as well as other automated activities eliminates guessing games.
  • Customize to fit your lifestyle. Adjustable Favorites buttons allow you to set

“The big advantage the OmniLogic has over the other controllers is the ability to operate valves from your phone as well as control your chemicals and manage other features. If a pool has a spa and water features (and maybe garden water features connected) then these usually involve several valves which means someone has to actually change them to achieve desired outcomes. Our service technicians will tell you that that just doesn’t happen so that the water features remain idle.When it comes to relaxing, we want to relax, not mess about with valves.” 




 An essential item of equipment with a salt water pool.

Very easy to use automatic dosing to maintain the pH of a pool:

  • Set the pool volume and the dosing is automatically programmed.
  • Set the knob at the pH you want it to maintain.

That’s it done!

  • Very simple pH SYNC function: test the water, SYNC the knob – calibration done.
  • Clever design prolongs the probe life and thus saves you a lot of money.
  • Overfeed or empty container function alerts you attention is needed.
“At Adlers, we believe these to be the best unit for monitoring and adjusting pH levels in a swimming pool. They are an essential item in any pool with a salt water chlorinator. We have installed several of them and have been monitoring them for over two years now. We keep these in stock for our installations and for sale to other pool builders”

Semi- Automatic

There are two PeriPump models – the 200 and the 800.

Each pump delivers about 200 and 800 mL/min respectively. Output will vary depending on liquid viscosity, lift height , length of suction, length of delivery line and back pressure.

Every pump has the following features and benefits:

    • Each pump is driven by a 24VDC brushless motor with an operating life of 5,000 hours.
    • The pump bodies are moulded UV stabilized polycarbonate.
    • The squeeze tubes are either PharMed or Tygon E-LFL – both long life chemically resistant materials.
    • The bodies and tubes are very easy to remove / replace- no tools required.
    • The boxes are IP67 rated corrosion free moulded ABS.
    • The mounting system is a clever reverse upside down dovetail with a locking latch.
    it is very easy to mount the pump level in any substrate and keep it securely held in place yet it enables easy demounting.
  • Every pump is supplied with every component needed to complete installation.

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