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Equipment Replacement and Up-grades

Selection Criteria for Quality Pool Equipment Installations

When we look at quality pool equipment selection we take into account all the cost centres relating to swimming pool operation. We can give you the information that you need on which to base expenditure decisions. We look at quality pool equipment, chemical usage, expected ongoing repair costs, electricity, water and labour costs. There is nothing to be gained in achieving a good cost saving in one area only to have the costs blow out in the other areas. We have the experience that allows us to give advice on correct equipment selection for existing pools. If we are wrong, we will fix it.

We cannot loose sight of the purpose that quality pool equipment filtration and sanitation is for the health and well-being of those using the pool. 80% of diseases are water transmitted. The choice of the correct quality pool equipment is especially important in apartment buildings, sports centres, motels and hotels. Our experiences have demonstrated that this definitely not the case for many such pools.

As independent operators we are able to select the range of quality pool equipment that we sell. We look for items that have a proven track record regarding quality, length of service with a reasonable spare part cost. While we do not carry all items of pool equipment that fulfill our requirements, we can supply any item of pool equipment for which you have a preference.

How do we define Quality Pool Equipment? When a pump we installed about 10 years ago only requires a simple shop service (Hayward Super 2 Pump) then that’s ‘quality pool equipment’. When a Chlorinator Cell needs to be replaced after 7 years without any other service (Crystal Clear Manual Clean Chlorinator), then that’s ‘quality pool equipment’. When we have sold and installed over 120 Sand Filters over 14 years with only a rare barrel union replacement, which no longer happens (Hayward 24 inch Sand Filter) then that’s ‘quality pool equipment’.

A further complication to the equipment selection process in the pool industry (and many others, as you would know) is a result of manufacturers changing ‘the way’ and ‘the where’ they get their equipment produced. In some areas we have seen a race to the bottom, which of course is of absolutely no benefit to anyone in the long term. From our perspective, it means that we have to remain diligent and forever question our basis for recommending an item of pool equipment. We do that. We have to, to fulfill “Our Mission”.

We supply equipment from ALL of the major manufacturers. If you have a preference, we will install it.


As chosen for the reasons expressed above.


The following was an equipment upgrade and relocation. The existing 40 mm plumbing was past its ‘use by date’, very inefficient and a bit of an eyesore. The customer was told he would need a 2 hp pump, which was ridiculous. The system runs extremely well with a Hayward TriStar VS pump running with very low shaft speed and power consumption.

The following was an upgrade of the equipment for a small pool. The equipment included a Hayward Maxflo VS Pump, a SwimClear Cartridge Cartridge Filter, H2flo Chlorinator and an SCL Acid Feeder. The aim of installing the acid feeder was to be able to keep the chlorine levels low, as requested by the customer. The cartridge filter replaced the sand filter because with a small pool surface area it was almost impossible to sufficiently backwash the filter. So far everything is operating as it should.

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