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Pool Servicing

Commercial, Apartment Building, Rental Property and Domestic Pools


Our Service Technicians are backed by over 60 years of the hands-on experience and knowledge of our staff”

2 x Certificate IV & 1 x Certificate III “Swimming Pool & Spa Service”



Our management system has been designed to ensure pool servicing and pool maintenance efficiency. Once a service is completed you will be emailed a ‘Service Report’ for each pool which details the ‘TESTS’ and ‘CHECKS’ that have been carried out on your pools and water features during that service, along with a brief report, which will detail any issues that need attention. Our aim is to keep those responsible for the health and wellbeing of the pool users completely informed in anticipation of questions that may be raised by the pool patrons. We endeavour to supply the reports as soon as possible after a service, subject to 4G network availability.

Chemical TESTS

Not all chemical levels need to be checked each service. We set the frequency of each test so that it is performed only when needed. A history of the tests carried out remains in the system and can be produced at any time, if required.

We use photometers and TPS testing equipment to test chemical levels. We do not use chemical company software. Our pool technicians have a thorough knowledge of pool chemistry and know how to correctly adjust pool chemistry. We avoid excessive or unnecessary use of chemicals.

Equipment TESTS

Tests on pool equipment are carried out to detect when the performance level of an equipment item is decreasing. Our preventative maintenance system is designed to detect potential problems before they occur. Unexpected equipment failure can cause unnecessary pool closure and costs. These tests are done at a sensible frequency. Historical records are kept in the system.

Service CHECKS

The ‘CHECKS’ list the requirements for a particular service and will vary from service to service. Just like ‘TESTS’, only those activities that need to be performed, are on the list for a particular service. The master check list for a pool is specific to that pool and its equipment. We can accommodate any special requirements of our customers by using this check list. Historical records are kept in the system.


We can extract from the system any reports that you may require from time to time. Reports are available upon request



The Daily Service is offered on a permanent or temporary basis to commercial and highly used pools involving the public. This type of service is required

  • where there is no trained operator available.
  • where independent testing and system checks are needed to support on-site staff.
  • during periods of sickness or holidays of regular staff.
  • where it is not feasible to pay a full-time staff member.
  • where a pool operator or owner requires certainty that all checks and tests are done thoroughly.
  • during periods of staff training.

This type of service is required

  • by large building complexes with highly used pools or spas.
  • when management committees want independent tests and checks to ensure the health and well-being of pool users.
  • by building managers who do not have the time or expertise.
  • where those responsible of the health and well-being want clear evidence of ‘duty of care’.

This type of service is required

  • by property owners who don’t want to waste their time servicing their pool.
  • by property owners who are frequently absent.
  • by most apartment building complexes whether they have an on-site manager or not.
  • during long periods of absence.
  • when a property is up for sale.

This type of service is required where someone on site is prepared to do some minor servicing and where 4 weeks is simply too long a period between services. Families will often change from a 4 weekly to a fortnightly (and even weekly) service during Summer when their children are ‘living in the pool’.

4 weekly

This is the type of service required by most domestic pool owners who do not want to waste their time visiting the pool shop. Four weeks is considered the longest period of time advisable for many of the pool tests such as salt, stabilizer and buffer. Chlorine and pH should be checked daily in any used pool.

Other Services
Rental Property Services

Rental Property Services are usually conducted 4 weekly. The cost of the service is built into the rent. This service is normally done on behalf of the Property Owner. The main function of the service is to chemically balance the pool as well as to service and check the state of the pool equipment. If more than this is agreed to, then that needs to be clearly stated. There also needs to be a very clear understanding between the tenant, the real estate, the owner and us as to each group’s areas of responsibility and this needs to be established, along with the required channels of communication, in the lease agreement. This simple process avoids so many problems.

Remote Monitoring

This service is offered for those sites where pool controllers have an internet connection. We have learnt to recognise any odd trends that may be occurring, after years of remotely monitoring pools.The pool chemistry (chlorine & pH levels) is monitored over the internet twice daily.  We can respond to any developing problems in order to prevent major issues occurring with the pool. When attending the pool, we will also check and adjust the other pool chemicals or do a complete service. This is agreed to from the beginning and done only in response to a need. This is an alternative type of service for a pool that has been built to a high operational standard, which has resulted in only minimum hands on servicing being necessary. If we have not had cause to attend a pool over the course of a month then another type of service may be needed.

Pool Care Instruction

This service is offered to those who have just purchased a house with a pool and don’t know to how to look after it. It is also offered to those of you who have a new pool and still need help after your handover. We will service the pool with you and take you through each step. We also advise on the state of your equipment.

Holiday Services

This service is for those of you who don’t want to come home to a green pool after a three week holiday, especially in Summer. We will also contact the person you will nominate in the event of something going wrong, such as power failure. We have had customers whom we have not been able to contact when this has happened. They have come home to a house reeking of rotten food. It is also advisable not to leave this type of service in the hands of ‘number one son’.

One-off Pool Service

Generally a result of something going wrong, such as equipment failure, or after an absence of pool care. Best to request this type of service, giving us plenty of time to get your pool right, before that important party and NOT the day before. These services can take several visits.

Season Start-ups

Pools cleaned, balanced and equipment checked after an absence of attention during the cooler months.

Equipment Repair

When things go wrong, just book us.

Equipment Replacement

When this time comes we will meet you on site to discuss your options and costs.

Pool Plumbing

We repair plumbing problems.

Acid Wash

When the Calcium deposits on the walls of your pool have become a problem or are just plain unsightly, then its time to empty the pool, acid wash it, refill and balance. In the event that the surface is damaged we can price a re-surface for you.

Pool Repairs

We carry out minor repairs to tiles, coping and pool surrounds.


Yes, we carry out major pool renovations and upgrades.


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