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New Pool Builds

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Once you have decided on the size, location and your lifetime’s pool use requirements, it’s time to think about how you are going to dress up your pool with aid of your house and available yard. Some of us have a natural ability to turn the very ordinary into something very special through the combination of good layout design, hard landscape and the ability to select and combine the right plants to create the desired atmosphere. A good many of us require professional help.

How you put everything together will have a big influence on how much you enjoy your relaxing, entertainment, exercise and play. Achieving all of this in one go is not an option for everyone and may not even be necessary. How you want your pool and yard to look while your children are small may well be totally different from what you will want when they are teenagers. Planning is what is important during the early stages.

A good way to get a feel for how important colour is and to help you decide on the setting you want for your overall finish we suggest you look through hotel pools on the shutter stock web page to see the combinations that professional designers have put together.

Our Pool Builds for Privium Homes


Pool Finishes
  • Tiles
    • We use any of the range from The Pool Tile Company. You will find that they are very helpful when making your selections.
  • Pebblecrete
    • Our Pebblecrete Contractors can deliver on most pebble combinations.
Water Feature Fittings
Shell Fittings
  • Eyeballs
  • Suction Covers
  • Ladders
    • We prefer the S.R.Smith range of handrails and ladders because they have a quality product.
  • Skimmer Box
  • Enviroflow
    • A skimmer system that greatly improves water circulation throughout the pool.
  • Spa Electrics
    • We find that Spa Electrics offer an excellent range of swimming pool lighting.
Coping & Surrounds
  • Tiles
    • Again, we find that The Pool Tile Company offer an excellent range of tile suitable for using around pools.
  • Pavers
    • PGH offer an excellent range of baked pavers that have been used around swimming pools and yard landscapes for many years.
    • Boral baked pavers have been used in Brisbane landscapes for years.
    • Concrete pavers are often use in landscapes associated with the Queenslander style house.
Deck Lids
  • Plastic
    • Supplied with the skimmer boxes and are the type in most swimming pools.
  • Tile
    • A lot of new pools are using these in preference to those that come with the skimmer box. It depends on the surrounds you choose. The Pool Tile Company.
Swim jets
  • Remco
    • We use Remco Swimjets. While there are other ways of installing swim jets we know that this is the one that will work.
In-floor cleaning
  • We have been working with Tony Wakeman of Distinctive Gardens for many years now. A gallery of his work is attached.
Surround lighting
Pool Covers
  • Automated
    • Remco covers have a range of covers that suit most pools.
  • Plastic Bubble
  • Thermal





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