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What is Swimming Pool Remote Monitoring?

Remote Monitoring is the ability to check the pH and sanitation levels in a pool as well as change a range of settings for a pool from anywhere that there is an internet connection.

Remote monitoring has been part of the swimming pool equipment range for several years and can be found in one form or another on most commercial and public-school swimming pools as well as some hotels and motels.

For successful remote monitoring you need

  • a quality chemical controller that can control the pH of the pool and control the addition or manufacture of chlorine in a pool.
  • a controller with the appropriate software loaded
  • an internet connection, either Wi-Fi or ethernet
  • someone in control of the system who has the knowledge and the diligence to carry out the monitoring

Remote Monitoring is the most undersold powerful tool in the swimming pool industry. Why oh why, are so many pools, that are shared by people, who do not know each other and, who have absolutely no control, knowledge or means of checking a pool, do we rely on someone who has had one day’s training at best, who has many other (distracting) duties to perform and, who may not understand basic chemistry.

We discovered Remote Monitoring 7 years ago when we were called in to fix a botched equipment install at a private school. An Aquarius Technologies controller was recommended by specialised swimming pool engineer who was assisting us. Well, what a revelation. “How good is this?” was our reaction. We successfully monitored the pH and ORP levels in that pool for over four years. We could see when the chlorine had run out (which rarely happened) and were able to attend the pool before the levels became unsafe and before the system went into alarm. It should be noted that these units will send an email or a text to those designated in the system. The ability to anticipate a problem developing and prevent it occurring before the system goes into alarm is the skill in remote monitoring. We are proud to say that that pool had no health safety problems during the period of our stewardship. The chlorine levels were kept at the correct level with a weekly super chlorinate on the weekend. At no point were the chlorine levels keep above the required other than during the super chlorination. The pH was maintained at 7.4 or very close to it. This is important for controlling costs and to appease those people who have an aversion to ‘chemicals’. Even the very critical swimming coach (who had been there years before our arrival) complimented how good the water was. Crystal clear water always. Impossible to achieve without the quality controller, knowledge and due diligence.

We are starting to see Aquarius Ultima Controllers specified, by the leading pool engineers, for Apartment Building Pools. We installed two of them recently. The software and internet connection needed to enable remote monitoring can easily be added later as well as pH control if it wasn’t initially installed.

Being a business that builds pools, installs plumbing and equipment along with the servicing of pools we are very, very pleased to see controllers that can be enabled for remote monitoring. It really is a powerful tool for a pool service company, an almost essential aid for demonstrating due diligence by Building Managers and Body Corporate Committees.  After the initial investment in the equipment, software and the internet connection, for us, remote monitoring is an additional $22 charge on top of our weekly service fee.

It doesn’t end there. We have only addressed remote monitoring from a health point of view. Controllers like the Hayward OmniLogic can do more than control the chemicals. With the OmniLogic you can remotely turn your spa heater on, turn your garden lights on or off, control your pool lights and water features, all from you phone.  How good would that be for building managers. Office control of the pool area at their fingertips or from wherever they are. “Pools full of people. Better check the chlorine level to see if the chlorinator is keeping up.” Easy, now he can go and put the bins out. Time saved and peace of mind. Hell! you could even have spot lights and speakers controlled from the office to help prevent unwanted activity in the pool area.

I was once involved in bar design. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why the people I was dealing with could not see that if a bar attendants had to walk from A to B and back to A, that they were both, getting tired and losing time. I should imagine the same applies to a building manager. For a building manager remote monitoring saves both time and energy at minimal cost as well as ensuring duty of care, especially if remotely monitored by us or someone like us.

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